Our Mission

There are many variables that affect the price of timber on any given day. Many of these variables are mostly unknown because there is no efficient link between buyers and sellers. It is our mission to provide that link! Real time information is the key. Who needs what - when, where and how. From the landowner with only a few acres, to the investment company that controls thousands, there is someone out there that can satisfy your needs. Join us and get in touch.

State of the Art Technology and photographs provide a VIRTUAL TOUR of your tract!

We are not timber consultants, but we provide the tools of communication between landowners, consultants, timber dealers, loggers and mill owners. Whether you are ready to sell timber, need some advice on managing your stand, or just trying to get a feel for today’s timber market, communicate with the timber pros.  They can answer many of your questions just by taking the virtual tour of your tract of timber.